How to send email in Gmail Using Computer & Mobile

In our last tutorial, we learned about how to create a Gmail account. Today, we are going to understand, How to send an email on Gmail? And trust me sending the first Gmail is easy as sending a message from mobile phones.

how to send gmail
Send Gmail

There are tons of option available to send a private message. Like WhatsApp, facebook messenger and your phone’s SMS system. However, when it comes to the professional level. We always prefer email.

Using email, we can also attach relevant files and documents although newbies are unaware of the process of sending the first email. I mean they don’t know how to send an email from Gmail? But don’t worry this article will help you.

How to send Gmail from a computer?

Step 1: Login into Gmail account – First of all, login into your Gmail account from which you would like to send an email.

Step 2: Click on compose – In the Gmail dashboard, you will see a compose option on the right side. Click on that.

Step 3: After clicking the compose option, a “new message” popup window will open on the same screen.

compose a new Gmail

We can say mail composer or mail editor to the windows mentioned in the above paragraph. Because whatever matter or message we have to send will be edited first from here.

So let’s break down all the option given in the editor. In order, you will be familiar with all the features and their uses.

We will cover all the options one by one.

  1. Here we can minimize the new message window.
  2. Opposite to above, we can expand(maximize) to the editor.
  3. If you want to close, you can click here. (All the matter will be automatically saved in the draft folder.)

Step 4: Add recipients – Here in the “To” section add other person’s email address, whom you want to send an email. You can send an email to multiple persons by adding more mail IDs in the “To” section. (You will need to add a comma(,) after every mail id.

add recipients
add recipients

Step 4: Add Cc or Bcc (as per need)- You might be able to see “Cc” and “Bcc” option just beside the “To” section.

  • Cc– Cc stands for “carbon copy”. If you want to send a carbon copy to someone else, then add second email id in Cc field. But remember, the first receiver(To field) will know that you have sent a copy to someone. The first recipient is also able to see Cc’s name and email id.
  • Bcc – Bcc stands for “blind carbon copy“. If you want to send a carbon copy to someone else, but have to hide the information of the carbon copy receiver then use this Bcc(blind carbon copy) option instead of Cc.

Step 5: Add a subject of your email which means you need to tell the recipient why you are sending an email? And what is the topic of the mail? You can do this by writing a sentence in the subject field. The receiver is only able to read subject first in the inbox folder before clicking on it.

Step 6: To make designing and formatting to the text of an email matter we have lots of option. By using those options, we will be able to make font bold, italic, change the colour of text, etc.

Email formatting options
Email formatting options
  1. Undo – It erases the last change done to the document reverting it to an older state.
  2. Redo – Re-apply or come back to the stage from erased changes which done by undo function.
  3. Change font – Here you can change the font style.
  4. Font size – Adjust the font size according to your need.
  5. Bold – To make the font bold.
  6. Italic – To make the font skew.
  7. Underline – Use this option to apply to underline below a text.
  8. Text-color – Change the colour of a text.
  9. Align – This option is used to adjust the alignment of a text to centre, right, left, etc.
  10. Number list – You can make a list in the form of numbers like 1,2,3,4, etc.
  11. More formatting options – If you would like to use more formatting options then simply click here.

There are more options at the bottom of the email editor, and finally, we have a send button.

Send email button
Send email button
  1. Send – After confirming all the things, we can send our Gmail to the recipients.
  2. Formatting options – As you know, we cover all the formatting options in the above part. All those options only appear when this Ais selected.
  3. Attach – To attach some important document and files use this option.
  4. Insert link – To add a hyperlink for the reference or any other reason.
  5. Emoji – Emojis are often used in the social platform; however, we can also add emojis in an email.
  6. Insert files using drive – If a sender has some data in google drive to attach in an email. That files can also insert using Google drive.
  7. Insert Photo – For image insertion use this option.
  8. Confidential mode – This option is for recipients, by using this option we can set expiry or revoke date in order user won’t able to access email after expiration.
  9. Delete – Here is a delete icon but by clicking this option, our email won’t delete. Deleted Gmail will be stored under the draft folder.

Step 6: Send – After reading and following this guide you can send your first Gmail. 😊

You can follow the same guide on a mobile phone.

How to send Gmail from mobile?

Step 1: Open Gmail app from your mobile.

open gmail app
open gmail app

Step 2: Click on compose – On Gmail app dashboard we will see a pencil icon that is the compose button.


Step 3: Fill the fields and matter.

send email on gmail
send email on gmail
  1. To – Add recipients.
  2. Subject – Write a short subject of your email.
  3. Compose email – Write your matter of mail.
  4. Attach – Here you can attach important file and document.
  5. Send – Finally, click on the right share icon to send an email.

Step 4: Click on send to dispatch mail.

Conclusion – In this way, we have learnt how to send Gmail? Or in other words, we understood how to send an email using Gmail? I hope you enjoyed this article.

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